Latest Products Latest Products Mon, 26 Sep 2022 22:27:43 +0530 en-us Gypsum Powder Wed, 06 Nov 2019 00:00:00 +0530 Gypsum powder or the hydrated calcium sulphate come in various varieties. However, the best quality is found in the bedded deposits. Then, the balance of the other components makes the quality reliable and helpful in multiple uses. Hence, choosing the right Gypsum Powder Suppliers & Manufacturers in India is a must if you desire the standard excellence. we use the most quality Gypsum in our production. The process includes the high-tech machinery procedure along with the manual checks conducted by our experts. This way, we ensure that the best version of our Gypsum power goes out in the market. In terms of availability, we never let you down as well. Our products are provided all over the country. Hence, no matter where you are, the needed quantity will be available for you. Even if you want a large quantity,  products serve you well. Our Gypsum powder comes in multiple package sizes that make it easier for you to pick the suitable package required. 321 Finest results in all the applicationsOur product can be used for many applications. Multiple industries get the advantage through the quality we provide. Our products are widely used in the manufacturing of wall plasters, tiles, partition blocks and many other industries. Also, during the construction work, our product offers a wide range of help to the engineers. A cost-effective solutionThe cost-effectiveness of our product is also derived from the quality it has. We are the exporters of natural gypsum powder India due to the quality we provide. This quality reduces the effort of application, the material usage, and also, requires very less maintenance. One Coat Gypsum Plaster Wed, 06 Nov 2019 00:00:00 +0530 Introductionn this modern time, plastering is no longer a tedious or less taken option. There are advanced options in plastering like . It is a present day solution that is much better than the time taking and ecologically draining process of Sand Cement plaster. It is not that only, it also saves on POP punning cost. This is something that is usually applied on Sand Cement plaster.  have been extensively used for years in the construction zone due to its brilliant and distinct properties. The plaster caters productive and impressive thermal and acoustic properties and at the same time it caters ripple free line and levelled walls with supreme finishing.Quicker ConstructionSand Cement plaster demands 28 days of water curing and only then the surface gets smoothened with POP punning that is again demands time. In the presence of gypsum plaster, your walls are quickly finished and surface gets paint ready within three days. Absence of dependency on River SandGypsum plaster of Trimurti is available in ready to use bags. You just have to add water and you are right there to get started.  Similarly, it might interest you that river sand mining is ecologically harmful and so banned in various states. Trimurti plaster caters you the finest alternative to use of river sand for all the internal plastering applications of your house. Water curingSand Cement plaster demands water to cure the tune of 0.6 kg/m2/day. Hence, you would need a lot of water for bigger projects. And once you are done with the minimum curing time of Sand Cement plaster that is 28 days, the amount multiplies manifold. Gypsum plaster gives you the ease to stay free from water curing. Thus, it saves you from costs and guards the environment too! Shrinkage cracksShrinkage cracks are an apparent problem in Sand Cement plaster that is caused because of high heat of hydration and unsuitable curing. Gypsum plaster does not have any of such problems and so the walls are free from any type of shrinkage cracks. Lighter Building FormationThickness of  plaster is more than fifty percent less as compared to conventional Sand cement plaster. So, the use of  plaster for wall plastering diminishes the structural load on the building. Super Fine Plus Gypsum Plaster Mon, 04 Nov 2019 00:00:00 +0530 (Plaster of Paris) is made by calcining high quality gypsum. It is smooth, strong and extra white, making it ideal for intricate decorative patterns like architectural, moulding, false ceiling, etcWith rich industry experience and knowledge, we are engaged in offering an exclusive range of ISI certified Plaster Of Paris that is made by calcining high quality gypsum.  our offered range is strictly checked against various quality parameters, in order to provide flawless range at clients’ end. Gypsum Plasterboard Wed, 06 Nov 2019 00:00:00 +0530 Unidus offers the new generation of building Gypsum Boards, which are environment friendly, high performance, have different degrees of resistance to fire, termite, moisture and weather conditions. They are used in Interior, exterior and decorative purposes in various applications. Gypsum plasterboards are a standard gypsum White Wall Putty Powder Mon, 04 Nov 2019 00:00:00 +0530 We offer an extensive range of Wall Putty which is specially blended premixed powder. It is pure white in color and water resistance. The Wall Putty is applied before the final paint, thus increases the life of the paint. It can be used in dry & wet wall, and can be used for both interior and exterior finishing of walls. The offered wall putty is manufactured using high quality raw material and cutting-edge technology at our end. POP Ceiling Channel Mon, 04 Nov 2019 00:00:00 +0530 Offering High-Quality POP Channel in India!Are you looking for quality assurance in the POP channel? Then,  right place for you. Having finest finish and trusted the quality, our products are popular all over the country. We have a wide range of POP products including the POP channel. The performance level of our product makes us the first choice for the customers as the pop channel suppliers & manufacturers in India. The channel is fabricated in the presence of highly experienced professionals. Hence, all the qualitative components are provided. With our channel, the construction needs achieve finest results and the durability that serves for a long time. The features our products are known forOur products come with exceptional features that help in the construction projects. Here are a few features you can get with our product: Longer lifeThe expertise in the manufacturing of the POP channel has allowed us to develop finest qualities. We provide the solutions that serve for a very long time. It is the durability of our product that allows the strong foundation. Low maintenance requirementThe maintenance requirement of our product is very low. All you need is take care of the basics and these channels serve effectively. No need to invest again and again after the installation.Easy installationThis is probably the most important feature why professionals love to use our POP channels. The ease that our products provide during the installation procedure is admired a lot. The easy installation reduces the time investment and makes it easier for the project handlers to complete the task at a smooth pace. Want to have the benefits?! Get our POP channel So, if you want to have the advantages of having our product, then, let the pop channel traders in India know. Call us for more information. POP Jali Wed, 06 Nov 2019 00:00:00 +0530 Providing Defect Free POP Jali That Serves All Your Needs!If you are in the need of POP Jali, then, Products have the right solution for you. Our expertise in the POP products makes us a reliable pop jali suppliers & manufacturers in India. We provide the product all over the country, so that, you don’t struggle with the availability. The required quantity always becomes available when you pick  as your trusted manufacturer. we always make sure that the products achieve the finest quality. Our high-tech manufacturing procedure allows us to offer the safest and defect free POP jali for our customers. We have a dedicated team of professionals alongside the advanced technology. The experts keep an eye on each and every step of the production, so that, no defect can arise. High quality is what we deliverBacked by our successful history, we become the right choice when you want the highest quality jali. The customers’ needs are kept in mind always. Hence, the results come out providing desired solutions for the customers.Convenience in the installation processApart from the quality, the installation process is also pretty easy. With our solutions, you don’t have to waste a lot of your valuable time. The project achieves a faster pace when you choose  as your POP manufacturer.Useful for multiple purposes The versatility of our jali makes it very helpful in many industries. The quality is maintained at such a level that you can use the jali for multiple purposes.Get in touch to know more!Choose us as your pop jali wholesalers in India. However, if you have more questions, then, you can give us a call. Our management team will help you out in selecting the right POP products that serve for a long time. Quick Bond Gypsum Plaster Mon, 04 Nov 2019 00:00:00 +0530 This agent that allows speedy preparation of ceiling and wall surfaces.  It is mainly with RCC surfaces. It does it all within 24 hours. enables double advantages of mechanical and chemical bonding. It is something that eradicates the labour-intensive hacking process and any danger of plaster de-bonding. Powerful Features It has double bonding i.e. both mechanical and chemical grip. The green shade makes the identification effortless. So, the moment you have a look at Trimurti bonding, you know what it really is. It is ready to apply and there is no need to make any arrangements or preparations. Indeed, if you are one of those who hesitate to do all the bonding and all because of the pre-arrangements; then bonding is specifically made for you. This ready to use tool should be in your toolbox for a convenient experience.  can be applied on any type of low-suction surface   for example concrete surfaces like RCC columns, slabs, beams, shear walls and so on.  So, before you drop the idea of bonding because of your low surface, you must think about plaster. It rocks in all spaces because of its diverse features. It works equally great for both gypsum and sand-cement plaster.  Once you use it, you won’t regret it ever. So, whether you are using gypsum or sand-cement plaster, there for you. A Quick Peep Into Benefits It is a very strong durable bonding that eradicates any dangers of de-bonding. Once you use it, it works for years. You won’t find any type of issues on your surface. It is a proud moment to stay that it is twenty times quicker than hacking. You save a lot of time and efforts. It is a convenient single coat application that gets done without any hiccups. You won’t find any type of inconvenience in applying  in your concept. There is no need of tackiness for bonding. It dry ups in twenty four hours whereas Plaster may take up to ten days. So, drying should never be on your troubling list as long as you are using Trimurti bonding. So, give a try to and you won’t regret it for sure. If you really want to keep your construction and building smart, strong and crack free;  bonding is the answer.